The TOP candidates we present to you for 2020 are the Ivanovi family. Vasko and Rositsa are employees who have distinguished themselves with exceptional qualities during the work process, regardless of the degree of difficulty and the tasks assigned to them.
Vasko and Rositsa are positive, responsible, brave and able to cope with any task, so we confidently declare that they are successful in their profession. Purposeful and looking for new challenges to conquer and help them grow and get closer to their dreams.

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Our many years of business experience has shown how important the personal attitude to each person is, as well as the individual approach to him.
That is why we create a complete personal profile of our clients,
which makes it easier for us to find the most suitable employee for them.

We are your connection with companies that hold on to their staff.

Our employees are sent only to verified and meet all international requirements clients!

The employees sent are in different companies, and so far all our clients have been extremely satisfied with the employees we recommend. We believe that success is built on the skillful management of human resources, choosing the right people, for the right jobs and trust, built over the years of working together.

The team of At Best Recruiters LTD prepared a short interview with the Ivanovi family to get at least a little touch on their life and work in the Netherlands.

How long have you been in The Netherlands and what do you do?
We have been working in the Netherlands for three years and we are currently mainly engaged in agricultural work. We collect various vegetables and fruits from the farms.

What was your first impression of the new job?
We were most impressed by the freedom of work and the great attitude of employers and colleagues towards us.

2020 was difficult for all of us. What was the biggest challenge for you?

The challenge was that we work a lot and different people who live in different places and areas. We were worried about how healthy we would stay. We also fear that we will stop work sooner than expected and planned. People here are also worried about the whole situation and its development in the future. Fortunately, everything went well and there were no problems from colleagues or managers.

Did you learn something new about yourself in the most difficult periods? What gave you the strength to continue?
We have learned for ourselves that we are stronger and prepared for emergencies when we are together. The hope that everything would be fine gave us strength to continue. Positivism is very important for those working outside Bulgaria, and more over! When you are abroad it is a little different and in such an uncertain situation, the belief that everything will be safe for us in the end has strengthened us so that we can continue and not succumb to fear and panic. We are glad that we overcame this together because it made us stronger and strengthened our relationship.

Would you recommend other people to follow your example and apply for a job abroad?
Yes, we would recommend it to anyone who wants to test their human capabilities and limits in a new and dynamic environment. Our abilities and skills were the things our employers valued, not where we came from and what our social status was. This speaks very well about the company’s management and its level of professionalism.

Share a personal story or example that has made you feel useful and appreciated in your work.
There is an extremely interesting story, but unfortunately we will need a lot of time and rows to tell it. In short: We had disagreements with one of the managers of the company we work for to this day. It is difficult to work with many people and get along with everyone equally well, it is even impossible. 🙂 Thanks to our skills, the owner of the company was ready to do absolutely everything so that we could stay and work for him.

What does a person need to be to do your job successfully?

To do any work I believe we must be responsible, honest and fair. To give our best, even if it is difficult. This will not go unnoticed. Employers who care about their employees will notice this wherever you are.

What do you dream about?

We dream of being the whole family together, of being alive and healthy and of loving and understanding each other. We have it for now!

What would you wish to relatives and friends for 2021?

We wish our relatives and friends mostly health, because thanks to our health we can achieve our goals!


Dear Ivanovi, the team of AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD wishes you a happy and bright Christmas and New Year holidays.
We wish you to achieve your goals and dreams, no matter how high they are! Keep going! Support, grow and strengthen the relationship between you!
Fight for your happiness and you will undoubtedly find it!

You can read about Eleonora and Georgi (last year’s TOP candidates) here.


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