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Our long-standing business experience has shown how important personal attitude to each person is.

That is exactly why we create a full personal profile of our clients, which allows us to find the most suitable employee for them.

We are your relationship with companies that regard their staff members.

We sent only to verified customers our recommended employees.

Sent employees are in different companies, so far all our customers have been extremely satisfied with the employees we have recommended.

We believe that success is built on the skillful management of human resources, the choice of the right people for the right job positions.






This year we have the pleasure to introduce some of our TOP Candidates.

We can assure you that all candidates sent by AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD working abroad are successfully presenting.

We’ll get to know you step by step with some of them.

TOP The candidates we present you for 2018 are Milena Panayotova and Tsvetelin Petkov. They have excelled in their work, their employers are very pleased with their performance during the work process.

We can say to them that they are: positive, purposeful, successful, flexible and responsive, dealing with each task.


Milena and Tsvetelin believe that people need to be strengthened because every beginning is difficult. That is why they help their new colleagues and their new roommates, as well as people of another nationality.


Our TOP candidates are people who pursue their dream persistently. They seek self-subsistence continuously, and this inevitably leads to development and growth.


The team of At Best Recruiters LTD prepared a brief interview with Milena and Tsvetelin to look at slightly bit in their live in the Netherlands.

How long have you been in the Netherlands and how are you feeling?

“We have been in the Netherlands for two years now. We would say we feel good. Everyday life challenges us to deal with and sometimes it is difficult. Difficulties make you stronger, right?”

What is your job? What have you worked before?

“At the moment I work in a flower plant factory, and Tsvetelin works in a land and fertilizer factory for all kinds of plantations. Before that, we worked together for a year in a chicken factory.”


How do you rate your achievements to date? Are you satisfied with yourself?

“There is still a lot to learn, we are learning during our entire life, but we think we are dealing with the tasks quite well.”

Tell us the most ridiculous (fun, absurd) story that you have encountered.

“Certainly there are, but we can not remember any specific ones right now.”


And the most difficult?

“Everything new is difficult, but on 06.12. 17 Tsvetelin had a Forklift Driving Course and passed it successfully. It was difficult to be prepared in Polish or Dutch language, there was no Bulgarian language option. Nevertheless, he passed the test with the highest score of 93%.”


What did you learn here?

“Here we learned mainly to rely on ourselves.”


Do you feel more capable? Have you gained more confidence in yourself and at work?

“Yes, we feel more capable and confident.”


What are you dreaming about?

“We dream of many things but mainly to create our own home.”

Dear Milena Panayotova and Tsvetelin Petkov, the team of AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD wishes you Santa to make your dream come true, if not this year- the next one. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Good luck in studying the Dutch language.




We also wish you not to give up, to fight the difficulties and to fight for the things you want most.

Keep your kindness and never lose faith and hope.


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