The cover letter and why it is so important in the job application

Why do employers ask us for a cover letter? What exactly are they looking for?

Many employers indicate in their vacancy notices that they want candidates to write a cover letter and send it along with the CV.


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Quite often, the requirement for a letter of motivation refuses many candidates, who consider it formal, except when they really show interest in the position and the company.


What is the role of the cover letter?


A cover letter serves as an adjunct to your CV and why the skills and abilities you own are appropriate for the growth of the company you are applying for. By cover letter you present yourself why you are the best choice among all candidates.


With the cover letter, you show a few things to the employer:


  1. Your style. By your style and way of writing, the employer can also recognize your attitude to work and life. The choice of words is of utmost importance.


For example: Ivan and Stefan apply to a human resources agency for the same position as a recruitment consultant. They both sent cover letters.


In his cover letter, Ivan writes: “I am interested in meetings with candidates because I want to get more insight into their work experience and I want to offer the best possible candidate for the client.”


“At each meeting with a candidate I am excited and look forward to. Each candidate has competencies developed at different levels and each one would be suitable for one of the positions. My task is to help this person develop his abilities in the future. “Is part of Stephen’s motivation letter.


While Ivan uses expression, devoid of emotion and professionalism, Stefan expresses more of his emotions and enthusiasm, showing his professionalism.


  1. The skills you own.


This is about your competencies that are best suited to the position you are applying for.


Any skills and experience you own and can relate to the position can be specified.


  1. Motivation for the desired position.

Why do you want this job? Why are you the most suitable candidate? What can you contribute to the growth of the company? Are you motivated to develop in this company?


What should the cover letter contain? Is there a particular structuring of the elements in it?


The cover letter should contain the elements mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The structure of the cover letter is the most common:

Presentation of the candidate;

Presentation of his competencies and experience;

Answered the question: “Why should I choose me?”;


Note: Recommended content page – page and half. If you know the name of the person in charge of the selection – address the cover letter to him.


Conclusion: Stick to no more than one page length. Present yourself and your competencies appropriate to the position. Carefully select the language tools so you can refer the best reflect your personality in the cover letter. Leave an up-to-date email and contact phone.
When you already have the cover letter written for a job, do not use it for an application in other companies.


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