Without them, the world remains dark and cold

It was a severe winter in the Rhodopes Mountains. It was snowing heavily. At dusk with a group of mountain-climbers, we arrived at the Golyam Persenk hut. We were tired. We already imagined how were taking a warm shower and gathering by the fireplace.

But the hut was sunk in cold and darkness. The hutkeeper met us worried that he had been without electricity and hot water for two days. The snow does not stop raining, there is no hope of getting better anywhere. There were already about ten guests in the hut. They were wondering what to do. Night was falling outside, the weather was dangerous. Inside – cold and darkness. Neither to leave, nor to stay.

I found out what the problem was and fixed it. It was not difficult for me, yet, this is what I do. But till today, I remember the sincere gratitude of the hutkeeper

and the colleagues. They made me feel really amazing.

This is the story of Yancho Ivanov from Burgas. He is an industrial electrician with many years of experience and dozens of successfully completed projects behind his back. He currently works in the Netherlands.

We from At Best Recruiters have assisted Yancho and dozens of his colleagues to find abroad
more recognition, further development and higher payment for their responsible work.

Because we know that it is demanding great responsibility. Often we do not give an account for this. We take their skills for granted. They connect some cables, they handle on boards, laying, fitting together, mounting cables. They are not dressed in suits, they do not wear ties, they do not run huge offices, they do not go on stage, they do not give presentations, they do not trade across the ocean.
Sometimes we are even nervous: “Oh, won’t they finally finish, the conference must already begin!”

And actually without them the conference will not start at all, the offices will remain closed, the computers will stop, there will be not a presentation and the ships with goods will not sail.

In practice, without them everything will stop. Stock exchanges, workshops, factories, productions.
Without them it would be as dark and cold as at the Golyam Persenk hut in that severe winter night.
Here’s what will happen if suddenly and by some miracle the electricians disappear:


“The planet will sink into darkness. The economy will stop, the banks will be blocked. Тhe development of humanity will stop.”
Yancho Ivanov



“There will be a failures in the productions due to damages that will not be repaired.”
Georgi Dimitrov and Aleksandar Aleksandrov

“There will be damages. It is well known. There may be casualties, too. But sooner or later new people will be found to become specialists.”
Dimitar Dimitrov


“The economic development will stop. Everything will be dead.”
Valeri Evtimov




“The world will cease to exist.“
Georgi Yonchev




We from AT BEST RECRUITERS do not want the world to stop, at all. We want it to move forward so that people can live better. It is responsibility of all of us. So we helped Georgi, the other Georgi, Valeri, Dimitar, Yancho and dozens more like them. Only in this way they will be able to help us with their knowledge, skills and handiness. They will be able to develop their skills even more. They will work in a good and experienced team.

And they will be appreciated
with dignity about this.

It was exactly these three reasons that led them to make the difficult decision to seek a job abroad. And after finding it, they confirm:

In the Netherlands technologies in electrical engineering are light years ahead.


The career opportunities – great. The teamwork – idolized. The colleagues – competent.


The payment – excellent. The monthly remuneration is EUR 2100 net. Payment is made per week. There are no household disorders. The company accommodates the workers in self-contained rooms at its expense. It can also provide a car if needed.

It is worked 13 weeks for 40 hours each week, after that 2 weeks rest.


But in the first place it remains
the love of the profession




For most of them, it is, first of all, a hobby. It is not accidental that the most precious professional memories are related to the help of a stranded person or a friend. As at the Golyam Persenk hut. This motivates them to do their work with a heart, but at the same time never forget how responsible it is.


For Dimitar Dimitrov it is like walking on a rope. Sometimes – like the fine art of making a culinary masterpiece.

Yancho Ivanov and Georgi Yonchev compare it to the work of the doctor: “Any mistake would lead to unpredictable, sometimes irreversible consequences.”


In order to avoid such consequences, high levels of responsibility is required. Technical literacy. Dexterity. The electrician must be concentrated in his work, extremely careful and highly motivated to bring it to a successful end.



And then comes the satisfaction:

“We successfully completed the installation of a 40-meter yacht and launched it in water within the deadline”, Georgi Dimitrov recalls one of the moments of personal professional pride.




The Netherlands is one of the largest markets for electricity. Many Bulgarians already work in it, some of them with our modest assistance.The local companies

have long acknowledged that often the qualities and potential of our specialists exceed those of their colleagues from other nationalities. The demand for workers in the sector does not stop.

And At Best Recruiters can help you find your new correct employer.

If you are a specialist in this field, the market offers plenty of positions  for industrial electricians but for shipbuilders and panel builders as well. More information on the terms and conditions can be obtained here.


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