Why is recruiting so important?

Why recruitment is a particularly demanding process

In order to understand the answer to the question, we must first ask at what stage is the development of the company? In the earlier stages, companies want the most capable and qualified employees possible to lay the foundations for stable and sustainable development.
For this and every single interview presents the company to potential employees. When we are looking for a suitable candidate, we do not start from the “perfect employee” model such as knowledge, skills and experience, but to the one who will join and fit best in this stage of business development. Which will lead to efficient work and success for the entire organization.

Something to keep in mind: In order for an employee to be motivated to perform tasks and commitments, a match between the requirements of the candidate, his qualities, capabilities and conditions and the additional training that can develop his abilities and competencies is necessary.

In the selection process, we aim to predict and evaluate the candidate’s future capabilities and realization in the team. What will change after his hiring, will he fit into the team, will he find opportunities for personal development, will he achieve the company’s goals, will he strive for organizational growth or will he go with the flow.
It is for this reason that when we evaluate candidates we use different interview formats to find out if this candidate can fit the profile of the organization he is applying for.

For this purpose, we conduct different types of interviews and apply different techniques, according to the requirements of the position and its complexity.


In order to be able to determine to what extent there is an adequate match between the profile of the client and the candidates, we compare and evaluate the following characteristics:
  • Professionalism – the level of professionalism of the candidate is assessed;
  • Confidentiality – applies to the applicant and the applicant company;
  • Equality – use of templates for the purpose of unification of the required documents;
  • Non-discrimination – regardless of gender, age, religious beliefs and ethnicity;
  • Openness – applies to the applicant and the applicant company;
  • Mediation – mediation between the interests of the employer and the interests of the candidate;
  • Flexibility – reaction to unforeseen situations, change of some processes “at hoc”, etc. – for companies and when selecting and rejecting a candidate, not appearing for an interview, etc. – for the candidates;
  • Short-term – efficiency in short terms;
  • Documentation and authenticity – record and store the applicant’s documents and the protocol with the analysis of his performance during the selection.

AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD offers full and professional HR services, completely free for candidates, with licensed companies, stable in the Bulgarian and European markets. Our long-term business experience has shown how important a personal approach to each person is. That is exactly why we create a complete personal profile of our clients, which allows us to more easily find the most suitable employees for them. We are your connection to companies that care about their customers and staff.

  • Clarity – of utmost importance to us about processes and steps;
  • Quality – we strive to deliver top quality to satisfy even the highest demands;
  • Precision – minimizing errors leads to higher quality work and more benefits;
  • Correctness – compliance with the given word, both to the clients and to the candidates; compliance with contracts and deadlines;
  • Honesty – our main virtue;
  • Personal attitude – this is the way to success in our opinion;
  • Trust – in order to provide the requested service we expect full trust to do the job seriously and correctly;
  • Added value – we are ready to go the extra mile to reach the goals and wishes of clients and candidates through an individual approach to each of them;
  • Focus on results – success for our clients and candidates;
  • Feedback – we are always looking to improve our services;
  • Finding the bottlenecks and finding a solution;
  • Real care – a family-like attitude.
The labor market increasingly directs organizations to search for candidates from pre-selected lists of characteristics at a specific moment and as soon as possible. Why? Because replacing one employee costs companies from 70 to 200% of the value of his salary.

When an employee leaves, it brings with it direct (quantifiable) and indirect (hidden) values ​​that are not obvious, but are potentially much more dangerous to the organization – leading to decreased satisfaction within the team. Some employees have to cover and take over part of the duties until a new employee is found; this also reflects on customer satisfaction, loss of valuable knowledge and expertise, change and the need to adapt new work processes until a new employee is found to fill the vacant position.


Our recruitment professionals are on hand to help you every step of the way. Search our vacancies for one that suits you and apply directly. Alternatively, why not contact us let us help you with your job search.

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