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AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD team prepared a short interview with Miroslav Sultanov to touch a little on his life and work in one of the best IT companies internationally.


But before presenting the interview to you, we want to tell you a little more about Miroslav’s new employer, who, according to him, is not just an employer. He is a good friend with a sense of humor who shows humanity, tolerance, and sympathy. “From the first day of my employment, the employer helped me a lot and continues to help me develop my skills as a specialist. I still have a lot to learn and improve, and for that, I am grateful that I am lucky and have the opportunity to join a team of some of the best IT specialists in Bulgaria and worldwide,” says Miroslav.

Miroslav’s new employer is a leading cyber security and information technology company, providing its clients with efficient and high-quality services without compromising on the tasks set. It is highly valued and sought after at the international level because of the fast, qualitative, and reasonable fulfillment of the requirements of its customers.


How long have you been in this profession, and why did you choose it?

I have been in this profession for about three months. I started at the beginning of September 2022. I chose it because it is in a field that has been developing very dynamically in the last few years. I think this is one of the professions of the future. Soon, everything will be automated, and for better or for worse, technology will increasingly enter our daily lives. It is also a field in which many new things are constantly learned, and you can improve, develop, and build a successful career. Another important thing is the work environment, which I also really like because every day you communicate with different people from all over the world and the environment and atmosphere in the team I work in make me feel excellent.


Have you worked in a different field before?

Before I started working in the field of information technology, I worked as a surveying engineer. I graduated from high school with a geodesy major and a master’s degree in engineering in geodesy. After completing my education, I worked as a surveyor in several infrastructure projects and the construction of highways and premium roads. I have been involved in the construction of a number of engineering facilities, and I have been involved in the construction of many business and residential buildings.


Why did you change direction?

I have been interested in information technology since my teenage years. I’ve dabbled a little but haven’t delved into them much. The decision to reorient me from geodesy to the field of information technology is mainly because you have a very large field to perform. You can develop, and you can go very high in your career. This is a dynamic field where new technologies are constantly emerging. Also, many of my friends and colleagues decided to reorient themselves in this field, and to this day, they are very satisfied with their work, and perhaps this tipped the scales a little to decide to reorient myself as well.

What did you want to work for as a child?

Like every child, I wanted to be a policeman and a football player. I can’t say that I have fulfilled my childhood dream of a profession, but from a very young age, I have always been interested in how things work. What happens to make them work? Maybe it was my curiosity that made me choose information technology. So, in parts, I have fulfilled my childhood dream – to know how things work.


What motivated you to apply for this job?

I came across the job ad by accident. I saw it was in the IT field and read what the job type was and what the requirements were. I liked the position and decided to apply. The next day they contacted me and offered me an interview, and I accepted. I had to do a technical task, and then I was approved.

From the first day of my employment, the employer helped me a lot and continues to help me develop my skills as a specialist. It allows me to participate in various pieces of training and courses to improve myself, and it gives me the opportunity to participate in a number of important projects.

What skills did you acquire or develop?

From the very beginning, my employer provided me with all the necessary materials so that I could start working. And not only him but also the entire company team from the first day to this day I can turn to for help if I need it. I dare to say that in the few months since I have been working in this company, I have learned a lot of new things about technologies in the IT sphere, I have learned things that seemed difficult to me before, and today I already understand them.
I still have a lot to learn and improve as a specialist, and for that, I am grateful that I have the luck and the opportunity to join a team of some of the best IT specialists at the international level in Bulgaria.

What are your long-term development goals in this profession? What motivates you to stay in it?

My long-term goals are to learn new things, understand new technologies, and advance in my career. I would like to make a successful career in this field. It all depends on me and how motivated I am to succeed.

The company I work for offers me all the necessary conditions for this to happen. My employer and the team I work with also help me develop. I believe that here in Bulgaria, you can have a successful career as long as you are motivated enough and don’t need to go abroad to be successful.

As for what motivates me, I will say that what motivates me the most is the fact that I have no limit in my development and can go a lot higher. Once you see that, you start accumulating success, and your motivation and desire to succeed become even greater. Naturally, this involves a lot of work and effort, but I think it’s worth it.

What difficulties do you face in your current profession? How do you deal with them? How did your employer and new colleagues help you?

As in any profession, it has its difficulties. Maybe the 180-degree turn in my career was a bit difficult for me, but the team I joined and with whom I work and my employer made it so that I did not experience difficulties.

My employer and my new colleagues are always helpful. In any situation, I know I can count on them if I need help. The team is made of young professionals, which is also important because communication between us is easy, and we understand each other very well.

If I have to describe my new employer in 5 words, they are compassionate, tolerant, responsive, friend, and joker. (laughing)

  • He is compassionate because he gets into the situation of each one of the team and shows understanding to everyone. He is not the typical boss who demands from the team, but he is a part of us and works together with us as a true leader.
  • He is tolerant of everyone on the team. Even if you make a mistake, he shows you the right way and how things should be done.
  • He is responsive because he is always there if you need help, and he helps you.
  • He’s a good friend.
  • He is a big joker, has a sense of humor, and is fun to communicate with.

Please tell us more about your employer. How did you feel in the company, with the team and environment, when you started?

He has extensive experience in this field. He worked for a long time abroad and borrowed the work model from there. He also applies it in his company. He tries not to be perceived as a boss but rather as a friend and colleague, a part of the team with more experience ready to help you in any situation. He has managed to build a really calm atmosphere in the company. From the first day I started working, he ensured I didn’t miss anything. He had taken care to provide me with a stable working environment. The team was also very friendly and accepted me as a part of them. They helped me a lot initially, but they still helped me. I know that if I need help, they are there, for which I am extremely grateful. My employer and team managed to make me feel good from day one.

Tell a funny story to colleagues or clients.

Every day is fun in its own right. I like that the team is made up of young people, and communication with them is extremely easy. We have a lot in common and joke with each other every day.


How did you feel about the interview with us?

At first, I felt a little nervous about the interview itself, but then I relaxed. The team conducting the interview made me forget about the worry. After this, the interview, under my observation, went well.

Certainly, the people working at AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD know how to predispose people to be calm as possible. I can say that I received great support from the AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD team in every way.

They helped me prepare the application documents and guided me, and I am very satisfied. I had no experience with you until this point, but I would definitely recommend your agency. Your entire team treats candidates very professionally and helps them a lot. Your professionalism in the field in which you develop is definitely evident.


The brightest holidays are approaching. What do you wish for yourself and your colleagues?

For the upcoming Christmas holidays and New Year, I wish health for my family and me. I wish 2023 to be even more successful for me so that I can conquer more peaks.

I wish my colleagues that they and their families are healthy, that we continue to succeed together as a team and move forward and upward, and I wish that the next year will be filled with many occasions for joy and a lot of luck and prosperity.

I wish the AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD team health and prosperity. May they continue to be as successful in their respective fields. I wish them to continue making people happy in the new year by helping them find their dream job.

Dear Miroslav, the AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD team sincerely wishes that the warmth of the Christmas and New Year holidays does not leave your home.

We wish you health, many successes, new challenges, and peaks in professional development to reach.



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