How did the strong motivation to succeed send Beyhan to the Netherlands and change his life?

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AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD’s team prepared a short interview with Beyhan Nezirov to get at least a little touch on his life and work in the Netherlands.



How long have you been in the Netherlands and how are you feeling?
I’ve been here for 5 months since September. I feel great, it wasn’t easy, but maybe I was prepared enough.

What are you working now? And before that?
I am currently the “Order picker” for the largest market chain in the world. Active and fun work. Before that I worked as a waiter and mechanical engineer.

How do you evaluate your achievements so far? Are you happy with yourself?
Excellent. I am also pleased and surprised, of course, with the help and the start boost from the AT Best Recruiters team. I encountered more difficulties than I expected, but I also overcame them with unexpected ease.

What is the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened?

It was at the very beginning, an hour after I separated my foot from my homeland, I had already dropped the transfer plane. It was absurd, because there were about 45 minutes between the two flights and there was no way to catch up. I wandered all day with a heavy backpack for COVID tests and so on, but honestly it was fun after I was rebuked by the airline for the next flight and I had informed everyone about what had happened. Ridiculous! 🙂

And the most difficult?
I always had a hand to reach out or a phone number to call. Looking back, I see that with experience and attitude you anticipate the difficulties of the candidates and prepare them in advance. Not to be empty, it was the hardest for me to learn how to arrange the 3rd container.

What lessons did you learn here?
A lot of things. Because I am only 25 and this is my first job outside Bulgaria. I learned and changed a lot, but I will probably assimilate them completely in a long time. The European discipline and system is different, it made me learn more about myself. Many life and professional lessons.
In addition, a little Spanish, Polish, Dutch; and about how valuable the homeland really was.

Do you feel more capable? Did you add more confidence in yourself and at work?
Definitely yes. After learning that I should at least try if I want to do something better. My confidence appeared between the lines and during the coffee breaks.

What do you dream about?
Normal things. Passionate work, a lifetime, a motorcycle, a family dinner every night. And on the path of my dreams, to have someone to share them with.

What is the sweetest thing a colleague has done for you?
The word kind makes it difficult for me. Personally, people around me are weird, I guess it’s normal. But almost all of them are well-meaning. I received more for each call for help. Well, it’s not empty, a Romanian colleague taught me how to arrange a container № 3.
Otherwise, everyone kindly repeats to me that I have a great smile.



Other if you want to share.

There are many 🙂 I think I am fully fulfilling this stage of my life, but the sweetness of the Netherlands is yet to come. I will visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam at least once before returning home.




Dear Beyhan, the team of AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD sincerely wishes the warmth of the Christmas and New Year holidays not to leave your home.
We wish you health, many successes, new challenges and professional development.


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