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  • Accommodation provided (at the employer’s expense);
  • Working time –  40 hours per week;
  • The salaries for Shuttering carpenter will be, based on 40 hours per week:

Helper                                      – 510EUR net/week

Shuttering carpenter level B – 545EUR net/week

Shuttering carpenter level A – 600 EUR net/week

Foreman                                   – 640 EUR net/week

  • The salary is paid weekly after week 2;
  • Every new worker who starts at the company will receive a €150- Netto bonus after four weeks of working. This campaign will last until 10.10.2022.;
  • The salary includes hourly pay, daily and travel expenses;
  • The first salary paid after the second week;
  • Car rental available on request at employee expenses ;
  • Safety shoes S3, Hearing protection and Safety glasses;
  • Everyone will have a private bedroom;
  • The work schedule is 13 weeks at work, 2 weeks rest;
  • The offer is for long-term commitment – min  2 years;
  • Dutch employment contract. The contract translated into Bulgarian.


A concrete carpenter manufactures formwork into which concrete is poured. This formwork can be made of both metal and wood. The concrete carpenter is supplied with construction drawings for a construction project in order to subsequently make the correct formwork. The formwork is then used when pouring the concrete for, for example, foundations, walls, floors and other structures that require concrete. The job of a concrete carpenter comes with a lot of responsibility as the rest of the construction work cannot begin until the foundation has been fabricated.

Civil Concrete Construction

By this we mean the making of new concrete constructions on the road and water network in the Netherlands. Think of building bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, tunnels, locks, flora and fauna passages, etc.

Construction & Utility

Large buildings, such as apartment complexes, factories, office buildings, are seen as non- residential projects and the making of ground-level homes (low-rise) falls under Construction. As a specialist in concrete construction, we only make projects in the Non-Residential sector in this sector.

What is formwork?

A formwork is a mould, usually made of steel, plastic or wood, into which concrete is poured for casting foundations and constructions of buildings (e.g. floors, columns, walls, beams and elevator shafts). The function of the formwork is to hold the concrete and reinforcement in place during and after pouring. After the concrete has cured, the formwork is removed.

Traditional formwork

The traditional formwork method takes place with a wooden formwork plate, supported by wooden uprights and purlins. This formwork is usually assembled on site and used once.








System formwork

System formwork is a special type of formwork, made up of separate elements that can be mounted separately. These systems are programmed in advance and must be assembled on site and placed in the correct dimensions. After the formwork has been deposited and cured, the formwork can be loosened and reused. Additional parts can also be added or removed.

Known names of system formwork:
1. Doka
2. Peri
3. Noë
4. Paschal
5. Meva








Wall formwork  – with wide slab floors the walls are first cast into the formwork. This is usually a steel wall formwork that is pre-programmed for the project. This includes all facilities, window openings and door openings. After removing the wall formwork, props with beams can be placed in the beech, on which the wide slab floors can be laid, after which the floors are poured.

Strip foundation – for housing is intended to make the foundation for the ground floor. The channel plates are laid on this; these are prefab floors A. strip foundation can be made with traditional formwork or with system formwork. There are several suppliers of this.


Shuttering carpenter:

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in civil concrete construction;
  • Read working drawings;
  • Demonstrable experience with system formwork such as Doka Peric Noe, Paschal and Meva
  • Being able to make traditional formwork, independently
  • Being able to set measurements from the drawing, independently;
  • Speaks and understands English (average to good);
  • Clean criminal record;
  • Own bank account.


  • VCA (mandatory) – can be obtained in The Netherlands;
  • GPI (mandatory) – can be obtained in The Netherlands;
  • Safe working at height (advantage);
  • Safe attachment of loads (advantage).


  • Tool belt;
  • Hammer;
  • Tape measure;
  • Precision square;
  • Small spirit level;
  • Handsaw;
  • Folding rule and pencil;
  • Crowbar;
  • Stanley knife.

If you want to apply for this job, please send us a detailed CV in English that includes all your work experience and the activities and responsibilities you have performed in the various positions. We will connect with only the approved candidates.


Human Resources Agency License № 2282 for Bulgaria.

Licensing Human Resources Agency № 2283 for Europe;

Administered Personal Data Administrator No 427547;

All data provided by you is protected by law and will only be used for purposes of this selection.



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