HR Happy House Christmas Edition

The most important thing for us is the personal attitude, both to the clients and to the candidates.
Our main goal is to match our partners with the right staff for them. The procedures we go through and their precision add value to the process. For us, this translates into genuine care, both for the client and the candidate.
That’s why we provide: quality, clarity, honesty that lead to success.

We help our clients save time and money so they can focus on their business. They trust us the recruiting to select the most suitable and good staff for them. We are happy to help all our candidates and clients. We achieve this success together with our team, which believes in company values.

On behalf of AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD, we would like to thank all clients and applicants. Over the past years, and to this day, we believe in transparency and value true partnership relationships 100%. We always keep our promise so we can say without hesitation that “we are your trusted partner.

All the processes that clients and candidates don’t see, but are important to their success, our team works tirelessly for them. Without the team AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD would not be what it is. That is why we want to thank our colleagues and give them the word.


My name is Manol Apostolov. Since September 2022, I am HR Manager for AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD.

The agency was recommended to me by a proficient expert in HR as a place where I can realize my dream of development in the HR field. I am truly grateful to them for the direction as it led me to an amazing and wonderful place.

Working at AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD is the most satisfying place I have ever worked. The owner of the agency, Mrs. Stefana Bozhkova, is a unique and amazing mentor. Every day I learn and improve on something. She takes time and attention and brings out the best in me while building everyone else up.

She is not just a boss, but a person with whom I can talk, share, whose wisdom and advice I can follow knowing that they are the best.

She is the best Mentor.

I sincerely thank her for giving me a chance and accepting me in her team. She gave me a place where I could truly belong. I have always dreamed of being in a position where I can help others. Thanks to her, this dream came true and I found myself in a place where everyone supports each other.

The people I work with are the best in the world. They are not only professionals, but also kind people. I don’t just feel them as colleagues, but as my relatives. Working at AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD makes me happy. Through it, we help people in need of space to start their dream job.

It’s a lot of work, but everything we do has an effect. Every night I go home better, more experienced, more satisfied with the work done during the day. With such a team, anything is achievable.



Hello! I am Ivan. I started working at AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD in March 2020.Thank you to Mrs. Nina Vachkova, for recommending me to Mrs. Bozhkova.

I also thank Mrs. Stefana Bozhkova for giving me a chance to start working at the agency.

I got to know the recruiting business from the inside. In the process of working in the company I acquired a lot of new knowledge and skills. I learn something new every day like how to work in a team. Part of my job duties include helping job applicants when they need help.
We greatly contribute to the development of candidates, before and after starting work. We enjoy each other’s every success, and our candidates develop a lot and achieve a lot of success. Therefore, the golden rule of the company is for us employees to contact every single candidate. We are with them in their every moment, before and after starting work. For us, candidates and clients are highly valuable.

The entire team of the company is made up of professionals. Everyone in the team have a goal to improve and improve their skills every day. 

I believe that with the teamwork of the team, AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD will reach new heights and conquer new markets.


Hello! I’m Yana and I’ve been with AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD for over 5 years now.

I met Ms. Bozhkova while working in a marketing agency and after I finished there, my work with her continued. It was a new beginning for our relationship.

I was fascinated by the attitude she had and the way she communicated. Even then, we got along perfectly at work, I easily understood what he wanted from me and I delivered it.
This connection strengthened over time, and if I can call it that, the synchronization between us, and over time became stronger and stronger.

But it’s not all work, of course. From the AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD team, I find support in my work, and I have always accepted constructive criticism as a good thing.


My name is Christina and by a happy accident I found myself among these people, for which I am very happy. I thank everyone for the respect, for the good attitude. It’s really a blessing to be in such a good team.





What do you like about working at AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD?

Ivan: What I like about my work at AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD is that my work helps me to develop my skills.


Manol: Every day is unique at AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD. We are constantly learning new things and achieving new goals. We help people start their dream job.


Yana: I like the dynamics in the work, the transparency and the clear requirements that are set. I like the organization in the work process that has been achieved at AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD.



What motivates you to work in the team?

Ivan: What motivates me to work in the company’s team is my desire for personal development and the desire to help other people find their jobs.


Manol: The opportunity to learn from amazing people whose knowledge and skills complement mine and allow us to face any challenge.


Yana: The dynamics at work. I think you should be interested in what you do. Otherwise, the quality deteriorates, and this is not acceptable.


What new things did you learn or improve,


Ivan: I learned that we have to be flexible to the given situation in order to be successful at work. I have come to the conclusion that every single candidate is unique in his own right.

Thanks to AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD, I have built many positive habits that help me in my personal and professional life.


Manol: I learned here that verification is the highest form of trust. Success is achieved through precision. Everything is done with care for clients and candidates.


Yana: I have probably improved my time management skills when performing priority and urgent tasks. Time management is an extremely important quality for my development.


What are you grateful to the team for?

Ivan: The AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD team is one big family. I am grateful to the team, because I can trust each person in the team, in the process of teamwork and in this way, the daily tasks are performed qualitatively.


Manol: I want to thank the team for their patience and warm attitude towards me. They are not just people with whom I am happy to work, but with whom I can talk, share and learn from their experiences.


Yana: I am grateful for the understanding, the friendly attitude and the opportunity to work together.


A short wish for the Christmas holidays.

Ivan: For the upcoming Christmas holidays, I wish people to believe in themselves and achieve their business and personal goals.


Manol: I wish everyone to feel as accepted and happy as I do at AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD.


Yana: I wish you a warm and bright welcome to the brightest holidays of the year. I wish unity and success.



Teamwork is happiness. With our colleagues, we spend a large part of our lives at work, therefore at AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD we build a friendly atmosphere in which the best qualities in people blossom and healthy and sustainable values are cultivated, with which the personality develops first and together with the business grow up.

We wish all our customers, partners and candidates a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year 2023!




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