Everything about the job interview online

What does the computer change in the job interview? Is online job interview any different from face-to-face interview?

Nowadays, the digital sphere takes up much of the everyday life of the mass consumer of information. People are digitally informed, they communicate digitally, avoiding the inconvenience of distance, time differences and location.


In this regard, more and more employers offer the opportunity for online interviews of candidates from different cities or countries. The online interview has the same weight as that face-to-face, so it should not be underestimated. Missing part of the online interview is a handshake that brings with it a greater weight and psychological impact.


In this article we will look at key components in the online interview and will give you some guidelines to help you the next time you face an online interview.


For starters, please specify the time and consider any differences arising from the time zones. Before starting the interview, it’s good to know if a webcam will be required. Take a look at the alias or username in the platform you will be using.

Next, the device from which you will conduct the interview – a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. In the first listed, it is best to secure a stand and in the vicinity you have an electrical outlet and a charger.


Pay attention to the speed of your internet connection. This is of utmost importance for the interview, especially if it is with a video camera. Besides the download speed, important for how you will see the person who is leading the interview (whether the image will be clear or pixelated) is important and the speed at which you are uploading data – how they will see you.


Once we have specified a few important elements, we will proceed to the technical part. Check the microphone strength and whether adjustments are needed. Try to call a friend to give you feedback how you are heard, whether a microphone correction is needed. If the interview includes a camera, we advise you to test quality of the video again. Here it is important to consider where you want to make the interview, in other words which room you will allow in the interviewer.


Tips: To isolate side noise, we recommend a headset with a microphone. With their help you will be able to leave the noises around you aside so as not to distract you during the interview. Noises such as dog barking, crying child, and others would not be appropriate and would only interfere.


Leave your phone, emails, chats, and other side activities aside. After the interview, you can continue with them. Just like when you’re in an interview and turn off the sound on your phone when invited, as well as in the online interview, it’s a good idea to do it.


Pay attention to your clothing and overall vision. During the interview, the interviewer may ask you to stand up so they can see you full-length. Be prepared. Do not worry and stay calm, although it’s an online interview and the interviewee does not sit up against you, if you’re worried it will be felt in your voice.





In conclusion: Stay calm and be prepared. Ensure a good internet connection, pay attention to the technical part and be sure to isolate side noises. Get dressed well, talk calm, clearly and high.


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