AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD: Recruiting experts globally

AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD recruits trained professionals for various positions in White Collar sector, IT, Middle & Upper management globally.

We take care of interviews, all documents and work permits, along with high level immigration lawyers (which is a separate service) with proven experience in immigration or with the client’s lawyers.



AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD provides services to international companies in a series of industries.

  • IT; Cybersecurity;  Artificial Intelligence; Telecommunication;
  • Human resources; HR business partners, recruiters; Executive managers of all departments; General management;
  • Banking sector; Accounting and Finance;
  • Healthcare and pharma sector;
  • Energy; Solar Power; Engineering; Infrastructure; Water Treatment; Water Pumping;
  • General Management/executive ;
  • Administration; Office Support;
  • Marketing; Sales; Digital marketing; Media and Public Relations;
  • Technical. Operations and Engineering;
  • Hotel industry;
  • Logistics;
  • Automotive.

Our focus are companies – international, with offices in Bulgaria, positions in IT, Engineers, Middle & Upper Management, Administration and Marketing.


*Aggregated data from our partner website and marketing materials


  • Personal attitude towards You, the Client, is most important to us!
  • Quality, Clarity & Honesty lead to Success!
  • Work with experienced partners from over 7 countries in the world – part of international global organization. 
  • We will help you fulfil your dreams by growing your team!



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Did you know that experts have deduced that recruiting the wrong candidate can cost a company 240 000 USD, on top of other expenses?

Our HR company provides services to international companies in a series of industries. Our clients are companies with over 500 to 7000 employees and with 1 to 70 offices. We have over 170 developed profiles, including administration, middle and high management, engineering & IT. The company has over 7 years experience in recruiting in all profiles and sending them to the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Bulgaria & Belgium.

We save our clients thousands of business hours by recruiting the right staff. We take care of the whole process from A to Z, including conducting tests for qualification, background checks & initial onboarding. What sets us apart from other firms is that we always say the truth and keep our promises. An individual, diverse and inclusive approach towards each candidate & client is most important to us. Quality, Clarity & Honesty lead to Success.

AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD is in cooperation with TOP recruitment experts globally to ensure finding the best candidates, matching 100% of client’s conditions & needs. Just like our recruitment partners, our immigration lawyers & our health insurance partners are of the highest level.

Some of our recruitment partners include:

  • Egypt– a global recruitment & HR outsourcing agency founded in 2007 with a team of over 100 qualified key personnel. Notable achievements are 1500 new hires per year & 150 expats & work permits per year. Their world-renowned clients specialize in the following sectors: IT, HR, Accounting, Administration, Payroll outsourcing, Sales, Marketing and Financial services;
  • Kenya– a global recruitment agency founded in 2015. Experienced in the White sectors and IT sector, ICT sector, Marketing and Administration, all kinds of technicians, engineers, Insurance, Banking, Medical & clinical staff, Legal services, Pharmacy, Automotive & Manufacturing. Their notable clients specialize in the following sectors: Coworking, Banking, Hotel industry, Water Treatment, Solar Power, Water Pumping,  Engine Power, Digital marketing and IT.
  • Thailand–  an Executive search & recruitment agency founded in 2014, with 24 recruiters in Thailand and with 200+ recruitment specialist partners from across the globe. Their notable clients specialize in the following sectors: Banking and Insurance, Technologies, Infrastructure, Healthcare, IT, Logistics  and Automotive;
  • Morocco – an established recruitment agency founded in 2016, providing quality recruitment for positions with a good volume.
    Applicants are multilingual – with French, English & Spanish, depending on the position. The agency has extensive experience with recruitment for France, both locally from France & from abroad & carrying out in-depth virtual interviews. Their notable clients specialize in the White-collar and Blue sectors and their clients have experience in France and Canada;
  • Netherlands –  the agency forms a close-knit team of specialists in the field of Executive search, Interim Management and Advice within the Industry, Food/Agriculture and Healthcare sectors. They all have at least 25 years of experience as board members within these sectors. Their notable clients specialize in the following sectors: Food, Healthcare and Financial services;
  • Lithuania – experience in recruitment for more than 10 years in West Europe;
  • Bulgaria  – White Collar sector, IT, Cybersecurity; Management, Administration, Finance, Engineering, Sales, Customer Support,
    Marketing; Sales; Digital marketing; Administration; Office support, Human resources; HR business partners, recruiters; Executive managers of all departments; General management.

We have testimonials available from satisfied international clients and candidates.


  • The personal attitude of clients and candidates is most important to us!
  • Quality, clarity and honesty lead to SUCCESS!
  • We will help you fulfill your dreams!
  • We take over the entire selection process approaching each client and candidate individually.


The most important thing for us is the individual, diverse & inclusive approach towards each candidate & client. Quality, Clarity & Honesty lead to Success.


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Personal approach to each client.
100% understanding of the specific requirements and
customer needs. “Stepping into the customer’s shoes”.

We offer comprehensive and professional services related to human resources of stable international companies:

  • Staff recruitment;
  • Assisting in preparing a resume;
  • Document scanning;
  • Criminal record check;
  • References from former employers;
  • Organization of tests (theoretical and practical);
  • Presenting a guide to the client.
  • Feedback from both sides – from the client’s side and from the candidate’s side;
  • Constant communication from all departments regarding employee performance;
  • Additional assistance in case of need;
    Constant development of the employee’s strengths and qualities.

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We believe in teamwork and partnership.

And like in the “horo” dance, hand-in-hand.
Let’s connect! We will find you the best employees!


Our recruitment professionals are on hand to help you every step of the way. Search our vacancies for one that suits you and apply directly. Alternatively, why not contact us let us help you with your job search.

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