The mission to be useful in your business

Meet the founder and CEO of AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD – Stephana Bozhkova. 

“I created the company with great desire and passion!”

The agency works with the mission to be useful to its clients and candidates!

Quality, honesty, clarity lead to success!

The right people with the right clients!


AT BEST RECRUITERS LTD works with stable companies in Western European and Bulgarian markets with positions from A to Z in various sectors.

We have testimonials available from satisfied international clients and candidates.

  • The personal attitude of clients and candidates is most important to us!
  • Quality, clarity and honesty lead to SUCCESS!
  • We will help you fulfill your dreams!
  • We take over the entire selection process approaching each client and candidate individually.

Personal approach to each client. 100% understanding of the specific requirements and customer needs. “Stepping into the customer’s shoes”

We offer comprehensive and professional services related to human resources of stable international companies.


  • Staff recruitment;
  • Assisting in preparing a resume;
  • Document scanning;
  • Criminal record check;
  • References from former employers;
  • Organization of tests (theoretical and practical);
  • Presenting a guide to the client.
  • Feedback from both sides – from the client’s side and from the candidates’ side;
  • Constant communication from all departments regarding employee performance;
  • Additional assistance in case of need;
  • Constant development of the employee’s strengths and qualities.

Our goal is to provide excellent service every day!

  • Best available customer and candidate care;
  • Quick and accurate response to customer requirements;
  • Professional service!

   We strive to ensure that:

  • All our clients receive 100% commitment and understanding of the client’s specific requirements and needs. “Stepping into the customer’s shoes”;
  • Individual approach to clients and candidates, going the extra mile in the selection process.

Everyone says that you can’t show the products in the services.

We can! We have personal references from candidates and clients. We have lots of stories you can read about on our TOP Candidates blog.


Yancho, who is an industrial electrician, decides to spend a holiday in the Rhodopes but upon arriving at the lodge it turns out that it is without heat and light due to the two day power outage.
Thanks to skill and dexterity, Yancho copes with the problem and thus receives his rest and the deep gratitude of the lodger. Without professionalism and humanity it will be dark and cold!

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We believe in teamwork and partnership.



Our recruitment professionals are on hand to help you every step of the way. Search our vacancies for one that suits you and apply directly. Alternatively, why not contact us let us help you with your job search.

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