At an interview distance from desired job

 What is important before and after an interview?


You have just called for the vacant position you have applied for and have arranged a convenient day and time. You receive an email with the information you have commented on in the conversation,  date,  time, and the exact location of the office and what convenient transport you can use. Are you ready for a job interview?


After the brief rush of adrenaline comes a slight worry, “How will it go? and “Will they hire me? “questions begin to crawl in consciousness.


Above all, stay calm. Recheck the vacant position you applied for. Review the requirements of your potential employer and your obligations as a possible employee.


Be curious – explore the company you are applying for. How long has it been in the market, what is her vision? Take a look at its behavior in social networks, whether there are public appearances, say it is socially responsible, environmental and other values ​​that will tell you the seriousness of management and the desire for transparency and clarity.


Do you know that much of what you say does not come it with your mouth, but with non-verbal signals such as the posture you are sitting in, the gestures and mimics you make, the clothes you are wearing, even their colors.


Crossed arms and legs, pointing feet to the closest exit and false smile are top 3 indicators that tell the interviewer that you do not feel comfortable, you are worried, you even want to go home.

Be positive and do not feel like a student facing the board to solve math problems in front of the class. Choose colors of your clothes in blue, green, gray and purple in their slightly darker shades. Black and white colors have not been mandatory in a long time. Many employers conclude your work on the attitude towards yourself and the type in which you appear in the interview. In addition – dress like that – according to the position you are applying for. This does not mean that you can afford your daytime t-shirt with sports trousers for a medium or lower position.


Still, they’ve already invited you, are not you? Now is the time to justify this trust.

Walk out 10 minutes early to know that there is nothing to go wrong with.


During the interview, you can afford at first innocent jokes of time or traffic to break the ice, but we do not recommend that you be the initiator of the joke. Few interviewers would appreciate such behavior as serious.


Hear all the questions and do not try to tell what they mean by that and then immediately try to answer.



If you have certificates, recommendations, and other honors, now is the time to offer them. If you have a portfolio, it is also good to present it. Invite the interviewer to ask questions about your work and you can visually show him your professionalism and creativity in the portfolio.


Be honest! Indicate that you have competencies that you actually have. And if they are looking for skills you do not have, you can say that you do not have these abilities, but if the work requires them, you are ready and want to acquire new knowledge and skills.


When the interviewer tells you to tell him about himself, he does not want information about your personal life. He is interested in your professional development. You can tell what you have accomplished and what has attracted you to the field in which you want to develop. Here is the time to freely share your previous experience. In one or two sentences, you can tell what your job is, what your responsibilities and what results you have achieved at your previous job.


Leave any questions you have in the end of the interview. Be professional! Asking questions is a signal of a real presence in the conversation and a good attitude towards the person against you and the interest in the process and working conditions.

After the interview, it’s enough to send an email to thank for the invitation and to express your expectation of feedback.


In conclusion: Leave the stress aside, it will never be a good friend to you. Walk out of  your home 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. Write your homework – explore the company. Be prepared for tasks at the end of the interview, intelligence tests, and more. Human resources specialists and managers use such methods to understand how people think and deal with tensions and surprises. Dress according to the position you are applying for. Look good to feel good. Be honest and polite. First listen, then answer. Be confident in your ability and the desired job will not be late.


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